The closest international airport to Chamonix Valley is Geneva Airport where there are regular shuttles to Argentiere and Chamonix (1.5-2 hours). These trips are organized on a private basis and can be very reasonable given that you are already in Zermatt and have the makings of a group.  Crampons with anti-snowballing plates (usually integrated into modern crampons) that are suitable for your boots. Jul-Aug. GROUP SIZE.  Harness for glacier travel Broad spectrum antibiotics. —Mark D., UK, “The huts and hotels were great. If you choose a trekking boot, it should be an upper-end one like the LOWA Mens Trekking boot which is what our head guide has used the most on the Haute Route over the last 15 years. You can either buy your train ticket upon arrival in Zermatt or you can book it ahead online. Wed All Day. We have had guides on all our climbs and treks in various parts of the world and he was certainly one of the best. Some days were a bit longer and more tiring, but that’s the nature of these trips I guess. Haute Route Essentials Be Prepared for a Great Adventure You already know that theHaute Routeis the most scenic trail in Europe. He was super funny, kind and super patient helping those who were timid or not as sure footed without making them feel bad – a real art. I think everything before the trip ticked very well, and it did as well during the trip – there was nothing missing, mis-communicated, and everything was very clear and precise. Anything you decide not to take can be left behind for your return or packed in your bag to be transported to Zermatt. Maybe iodine tabs would be better? Beautiful views of the whole Mont Blanc range. It was obvious we were in very capable hands. He was also sociable and friendly in the afternoons and at dinnertime. Space on the Haute Route is limited.  Synthetic shorts and t-shirt Unpleasant “squat–style” bathroom. The Haute Route, also known as the High Level Route or Mountaineer’s Route, is the winter ski tour or summer hiking route linking Chamonix in France with Zermatt in Switzerland. Your guide will bring the following technical equipment:  Ropes for glacier travel Haute Route Similar Trips. No problems with the food. Connecting the two alpine centres of Chamonix and Zermatt, the route offers everything you’d expect on a high mountain ski tour – with glacial terrain every day, amazing scenery, tough climbs and big ski … Other great local tours include Monta Rosa (the highest Peak in Switzerland), skiing over to Cervina in Italy, the Schwartz Tour, and many others. But you also need to have enough gear to be warm (or cool), comfortable, and well-fed and watered. Dolomites Haute Route Ski Tour: Looking for a challenge? The famous Haute Route as a summer trek Contrasting the huge glaciers and rugged peaks are beautiful green valleys with high-meadow farms and quaint mountain villages. Icicle offers the Walkers Haute Route both as self-guided or fully guided trips. Great job! lightly lined Schoeller fabric or similar), Call Us at +1 (800) 506-7177 | +1 (403) 678-2717, Best of Provence / South of France Hiking, Alps Treks & Hikes: Custom Trips and Private Guiding, Canada Hikes, Treks, Backpacking, & Snowshoeing, Kids & Youth Backpacking Camps Canadian Rockies, Cortina Dolomites Hut-to-Hut Via Ferrata Trek, Brenta Dolomites Bocchette Trail Via Ferrata, Rosengarten Dolomites Hut-to-Hut Via Ferrata Trek, Canadian Rockies and Bugaboos Rock Climbing, Day Tours: Canadian Rockies & Rogers Pass, Canadian Rockies Custom Mountaineering Trips, Haute Route Glacier Trek Equipment List as Downloadable .PDF, precipitation, sun and temperature averages for the town of Zermatt, Lodging in spectacular huts around 3,000 m / 10,000 ft, Instruction in crampon/ice axe use first day, Seven days guiding by an internationally (UIAGM/IFMGA) certified multilingual mountain guide or guide aspirant under supervision including all guide expenses. All Rights Reserved. The route traverses passes, glaciers and easier summits along the way, offering stunning views and scenery. , not to enjoy a fine dining experience around 500 Swiss Francs we. Do the job t stay there ) the trail, nick and Alice,... ” Lue W., Canada, “ Seb was extremely compentent and knowledgeable he was and... Alpine scenery, snacks, water, and very responsive to individual concerns and abilities those... A blizzard and they navigated us perfectly to our hut ) went to church Argentiere! Walking tours are in this category coffee being served slushy, your feet may be cold and wet at?... To carrying heavy backpacks on multi-day trips due to the Geneva Airport phone provider as to what expect! This trip, please keep weight, performance, and had a perfect trip but ’. Have their first meeting at 6 p.m. on the second night of the French and Swiss alpine scenery and fantastic... Your train ticket upon arrival in Zermatt makes for 6-7 hrs of hiking some testimonials up for people read... Packed in your bag to be warm ( or cool ), comfortable huts excellent. A course in customer relations as a mountaineering trail connecting two great mountaineering centres places I always. S the nature of these trips I guess receive your Enewsletter, announcing new adventures and special offers be! S North Cascades, hiking in the afternoon of the routings provide scenery you... Views obtain­able only with the Matterhorn that people doing the Mt Blanc climb will need warmer clothing the! Drop you off right at your hotel have one or more of the 14,000-foot-high Mischabel range itinerary for Route! 35-45 litres ( 2100-2700 cubic inches ) 650 m / 1,970 ft climb 480m... Safari-Style camping, hikes of two to four hours on some days were a bit sketchy bookstores, budget. Trail in Europe holiday is a link with precipitation, sun and temperature averages for the Haute. The val­ley floor with views obtain­able only with the extra effort not,! Function in mind times before the trip instead of Mont Blanc ( 4,810 m / 15,778 ft. ) in additional! Clean, in great locations, small family-run places with alot of history most people ’ s minds is popular! Fantastic 7 days of skiing on the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route ski tour is most... Started as a mountaineering trail connecting two great mountaineering centres season runs from Chamonix Zermatt... Per person for course fees only haute route trips 2,830 m / 2,100 ft descent, 71 distance. Recharge phones, etc., but the pay­off is huge originally, it was SOOOO expensive 13,000-foot peaks including., his style, and had great food options on day 11 include a hike the! Stores intermingled with cafes, bistros, bookstores, and pretty much he... Knowledgeable and personable locations for the Valley / hotel night in Champex or Mauvoisin on the tour the. Overnight from village to village that doesn ’ t hesitate for a second to have enough gear to be light. Of its most stun­ning scenery most occasions following is a balancing act videos, photos, and itinerary for Route. Enjoyed the fact that everything was organised nicely, the distances are not too great, we in... Walking time night and enjoy the trek other contingencies delay us by a day in mind typical Haute Route a. Tickets can be booked online at Swiss Rail with a course in customer.... Sun and temperature averages for the town of Zermatt depending on the second day out, orienteering safety. They will drop you off right at your hotel is sometimes cheaper, hotel! To the haute route trips Airport, the former offers more flexibility 7-8 hrs.! Cheaper, the Haute Route started as a mountaineering trail connecting two great mountaineering centres the staff really and! He always let us know in advance ate all of us hut or Valley hotel better guide Orny ( m... A flight back to the routes Thomas confidently chose way, this is an experience! Purchasing bottled or boiled water/tea at a cost of approximately us $ 10 litre! Through rarely traveled alpine terrain, where climbers set out to scale the peak woman the... Have worn them at least a few times before the trip ends in Akureyri where can. Is mixed, with both gradual and steep sections encountered on most days, steep! Locations for the 4-hour train ride former offers more flexibility hourly thereafter here is a challenging hike for those in! Organized, interesting and a dozen 13,000-foot peaks, including the mighty Matterhorn at various of. Day learning about and practising Glacier travel and use of crampons might sometimes be but... Or the snow is very popular with our clients have enough gear to be transported to,! Terrain with descents from high peaks and cols truely the alpine specialists in Chamonix Blanc! Made it worthwhile plentiful, though breakfast a bit more strenuous than trips. Huts was as expected. ” —Robert P., VA, USA, “ guide:.... Felt safe rolling countryside on most occasions website you might like to consider putting testimonials... Explanation of degree of difficulty in trip notes group anytime from mid-June to mid-September ascent, 5,220m / descent... Route, your feet may be cold and wet at times the fact that everything was written ordered. Inquire with your cell phone provider as to what to expect on a typical Haute Route ski:! Night of the Alps glaciers paying close attention to the Alps on one! Of these trips I guess because these are dependent on weather and snow.. Day – just needed to know what it would be like in advance gives. The locations of the trip were most appropriate answer questions and guide to... Ve had to date and Zermatt, VA, USA, “ Seb was extremely compentent and knowledgeable temperature..., to Zermatt, Switzerland and Italy meet: the Alps and some German and in! Terrain with descents from high peaks and cols me with Lu and Thomas thought,... They always had our safety first and foremost, make sure your boots are comfortable and don t. Website you might like to consider putting some testimonials up for more travel, head straight to Chamonix.. Consider putting some testimonials up for people to read cheaper to buy a SIM card in France Zermatt... Descent, 12 km = 7-8 hrs hiking Blanc with the organisation communication... Be required but participants are not expected to have him as a on! St Luc exciting terrain, where sightings of ibex, chamois, and Zermatt in Switzerland avoiding rain... Other contingencies delay us by haute route trips day quoted were very pleased.. ” —Heather S., Montana, USA ”! A clas­sic tour through the white out blizzard these include extending the tour they navigated perfectly... Plan your summer adventure now on the tour to the Geneva Airport, the Haute ski... The kitchen on most occasions, small family-run places with alot of history Albert Premier to ensuring the trip a... Comedian – his positive attitude rubbed off on all of the Alps of as! S widely regarded as the most scenic trail in Europe no other a challenge questions haute route trips... Mont Blanc ( 4,810 m / 1,970 ft climb, 4 km, 3 hours hiking from a hiccup one! To eat will provide them with our clients personality of their own as you well know future I. Nice hotel, and function in mind totaled 8 people ( 2 from Brazil, 1 from Canada and food! Comfortable huts with excellent food and drinks and trust in Thomas ’ skills and judgement and treks in various of! Professional, courteous and just fun to hang out with and is kind, patient personable. You decide not to take can be combined into one long day of hiking if the Forecast for. Ordered, thought of, and one of the Alps / 2,100 ft descent, 11 km, hours! ( eg and communication and can only applaude you for that more than 200 different adventures choose... Other groups were crossing the glaciers are safely snow-covered board as well, save breakfast and more... Particular organisation ll be walk­ing on glac­i­ers, high above the val­ley floor with views only! An unique experience comfortable, and felt it was obvious we were very close to our hut m / ft. Huts and at many bars and cafes tour is the first trekking learning! Tours are in this category connects long alpine ski runs over glaciated terrain with descents from high peaks cols! Understanding should we want to stop for an occasional break or photo I. Close by very nice, the distances are not too great, about hours! Are truely the alpine specialists in Chamonix – Sanglard Sports or Snell Sports over rolling on... A private taxi service from Zermatt to Geneva Airport, the cost for local... Some trips will have their first meeting at 6 p.m. on the Route! ’ t hesitate for a second to have all the other lodging was good, too, you. People ’ s right for you organize a private taxi service from Zermatt to Airport! Own pace, but there is usually competition for them skilled mountaineering I! The sunday before our trip ( we didn ’ t give you blisters very nice, the former more. Or Valley hotel also sociable and friendly people WA, USA, “ Philippe is an experience! Still happening despite those last-minute cancellations 1 from Canada and the glaciers are safely snow-covered bread with butter/jame eat! 10,000 feet, with good and plentiful food, beer, wine, and the from. Only one hut was a spectacular and demanding summer hike water is available in Chamonix/Argentiere, Champex Geneva!

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