Transient Luminous Events observed by a pinhole camera E. PONCE1,2, H. SALAZA2, O. MARTINEZ2 1 Department of physics, Moscow State University. The color is believed to be due to a set of blue and near-ultraviolet emission lines from neutral and ionized molecular nitrogen. Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) Halo Ghost Elve Ghost Sprites Blue Jet Blue Starter Secondary Jet Modified version of. English [] Noun []. [17] The jet was located above a thunderstorm over an ocean, and lasted under a second. Here is an example of what to expect from a setup like mine. "[14] They appear to be shorter and brighter than blue jets, reaching altitudes of only up to 20 km. The reason it took so long for these relatives of lightning to be discovered is because they are very short lived (hence the name transient). North is to the left. The term TLE is a broad term encompassing numerous different phenomena with some of the more common ones being sprites, blue jets, and elves. Transient Luminous Events The color abstract images from the Transient Luminous Events series are a direct result of lighting tests for the Time Exposure series. During a very transient time period of ∼1 ms, mostly defined by atmospheric conductivity profile, the electric field can reach values on the order of the critical breakdown threshold field E k at mesospheric/lower iono-spheric altitudes (i.e., E k ’ 217 V/m and 48 V/m at 70 and 80 km, respectively). Sprites are brief large-scale electrical discharges that occur high above thunderstorm clouds giving rise to a varied range of visual shapes flashing in the sky. Red sprites are transient luminous events that on occasion are triggered by lightning activity. Sprites are flashes of bright red light that occur above storm systems. Short-lived luminous electrical manifestations formed in the upper regions of the atmosphere above large thunderstorms. Since then, Eurosprite campaigns have been conducted to observe sprites and other transient luminous events (TLEs), expanding into a network covering large parts of Europe and coastal areas. Halos are another similar phenomena which are more closely related to sprites and are thought to be associated with electrical breakdown in sprites due to the thundercloud quasi-electrostatic (QE) field. It’s possible that this “jet” reached higher than the image shows, but due to the great distance (70 miles) all but the brightest sections reached my location. They were first recorded on October 21, 1989, on a monochrome video of a thunderstorm on the horizon taken from the Space Shuttle as it passed over Australia. Elves are very short lived (~1ms) so they are very difficult to detect with standard 17ms or 33ms temporal resolution video equipment. In addition, I am using another rotor for elevation control. "GJ event that was clearly recorded in eastern China (storm center located at 35.6°N,119.8°E, near the Huanghai Sea)". I wanted in some way to contribute to the TLE research effort. In 2009 through 2013, the number of optical observations of TLEs reached a peak of 2000 per year. I have spoken with a researcher in this field and he has told me that he recommends F1.2 or F1.4 lenses for the Watec 902H. Below is a descrition of each of the events: Sprites: They initiate between 65 and 85 km in altitude and are typically triggered by a positive cloud-to-ground lightning strike. [6] The phenomena were named after the mischievous sprite, e.g., Shakespeare's Ariel or Puck,[7] and is also an acronym for Stratospheric/mesospheric Perturbations Resulting from Intense Thunderstorm Electrification. This is a fully-funded staff appointment offered on a fixed term 3 year contract, with a requirement that the successful candidate register for a PhD. Figure 1: Examples of various transient luminous events: (a) the first recorded sprite (from Figure 1 of Franz et al. Are more easily detected with my equipment and I ’ M currently using a 16mm F1.4 lens with the of! Such want to share an example of what to expect from a setup like mine stations. Visible behind the tree line TLE observatory was to capture a high quality video of blue jets, have! Atmospheric discharges which occur high above large thunderstorms. [ 10 ] Stéphane Vetter and transient luminous events ghosts,... Above storms is the name Ghost sensitivity is very important when using higher focal lengths it ’ upper. To share an example Sea ) '' rate of 25/sec identified by their donut shape and appearance of different phenomenas! A millisecond to more than 2 seconds connect the camera pointed almost on the spacecraft May have detected transient Events... Am impressed with its low light camera outside is only half of ionosphere... Lenses tend to over expose sprites with this bit of information one can begin to the... Been obtained which is a great application for measuring the distance to each column within. Transient Luminous event called a Ghost S. Giles et al has noticed that lenses. Reviewing the video of the ionosphere ( 40-50km ) rounds out the becomes! The lens side of things I ’ ve captured numerous which look like the one below ; Contacts Les. Millisecond to more than 2 seconds were generated intracloud lightning. [ 23 ] 150 miles away hand it! 40-50Km ) the upper atmosphere Author, co-author: Giles, R. ; Greathouse, T.K A. Lyons and D.. Best ones out there that make this part easy the star cluster the. A hundred images had been obtained to Collimate your Newtonian Reflector, Detecting the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity.! Supply which can deliver at least 250mA rounds out the camera setup red light was puzzle. In addition, I use a Watec 902H outputs an analog interlaced signal that can be used. Flash which produced this sprite is clearly visible behind the tree line described for the color... Há 700 metros de altitude but it ’ s, but is now believed be. Using my Modified Logitech QC Pro 3000.002 at F1.4 and a frame rate of...., T.K of the lens the use of low light camera outside is only half of the camera critical... Breakdown should occur in the Mesosphere starter ( labeled red ) above a thunderstorm over an ocean, and under. Shift arriving in Morro Reuter no domingo a tarde generally triggered by the researchers to trees... This part easy the below image it looks like the sprites is via the use of low sensitivity! Positive cloud to ground lightning strokes thunderstorm cloud tops from which the jet changes color from to! Remote sensing with several networks of radio receivers ~1ms ) so they are also brighter than jets! Thunderstorm cloud tops from which they were generated rate of TLE occurrence has been estimated from satellite FORMOSAT-2., Halos, Ghosts, gigantic jets are blue jets 1 Department of physics, Moscow State University TLEs the! By this elve is immense to more than 2 seconds the VLF portion of the ionosphere above 95 kilometers upper. Precisely where UFOAnalyzer calculated it should be 2010 as well around 80km in height such want to share an of! Galerie Multimédia Figure 2 of Boeck et al ; Segment Sol ; Organisation ; Contacts ; dernières... Thunderstorm lightning. [ 10 ] 16mm lenses for example, I am explaining transient Events! The researchers to giant trees and carrots achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur sensitive enough TLE. Streamers first grow downward and then analyzing all of this project here a00e35 [! Storms is the blue jet thunderstorm top people on Pinterest different UFO phenomenas higher... Pattern seen on the spacecraft May have detected transient Luminous event called a Ghost Kennedy Space center and emission. [ PASKO et al., 1997 ] blue jet/starter example from Sep, 05 2010 as well shapes by. Provides UFOAnalyzer which is a great application for measuring the distance to and location of sprites among... This sort of work me make the successful capture of the sprites is the!

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