About us

     FINMINING is 100% affiliated company of OJSC “BELAZ”, with offices located in Singapore. We are ready to provide financing of or leasing (renting) for BELAZ products. The advantage of proposed financing is that it is based on possibilities of using a special credit line. Our company activity includes leasing deals, formation of loan programs, outsourcing of transport services, as well as the delivery of equipment for rent, and other forms associated with the use of “BELAZ” equipment.Our main specialization is leasing and lending.

     Dump trucks - is a useful expensive automotive equipment , the top of the automotive industry. Prices for this high end-tier mining equipment start at 2 million USD. Not every customer has the opportunity to immediately purchase such an expensive equipment. But, with the help of our proposals, the customer is able to immediately start using the technique of "BELAZ". 

     With "BELAZ" equipment you can rapidly establish production and sales of your mining resources, as an example. After you will make a faster profit, you can easily pay for the equipment you use, without overextending your budget. We strive to ensure that our offer is the best on the world market. And there are good prerequisites. Not every country is able to ensure the production of high-mining equipment and also provide financial support to its customers. We can do it, so our offer - competitive and profitable. We work with each customer individually. Our team is ready for maximum flexibility, when it comes to considering the interests of our clients!

     We believe that every customer deserves individual approach and can count on understanding on our part. We have no doubt that the ultimate goals such as expansion of the supply of "BELAZ"  equipment and increasing the availability of the Belarusian mining equipment in the world will be achieved! With our help, all sides will gain benefit of this kind of transaction.