Equipment Leasing and Financing Solutions

     World experience shows - leasing has become one of the most effective ways for the expansion of production and financing of mining companies and projects operating with capital-intensive equipment. With limited own funds, it allows you to preserve existing credit lines, as well as to optimize the efficient use of taxation and profit. Leasing (or financial rent) is a promising and profitable way for companies purchasing equipment and implementing capital investments, granting significant benefits to the equipment users compared to other methods of equipment acquisition - purchasing with borrowed money, or at their own expense.

     Today, thanks to our company, "BELAZ" high-end equipment has become available to customers in Mongolia, Vietnam, and India.

     The mechanism of the lease is a type of investment activity in which the leasing company acquires a property and then transmits it to the use of the client, with the transfer of ownership of the property to the user upon payment of the cost of the property during the period of use, as well as associated costs (loan interest, fees leasing company taxes and insurance).

Basic terms for financing:

1.     Financing period up to 5 years

2.     4-5% rate of interest

3.     15-20% advance payment

4.     Rent or lease form of financing.

     The advantage of “Finmining financing services” is that it is based on possibilities of using a special credit line provided with the assistance of the government of the Republic of Belarus aimed to support the export of the products.


     We realize that no two customers are the same; therefore, each transaction is tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our people know how important you are to us. You will always be able to talk to us, not a machine. Knowing how to choose the correct vehicle or piece of equipment and how to make it affordable can only come from years of experience. We offer special lease to own programs. We can arrange an alternative to conventional financing where you can take full advantage of the tax benefits of leasing. Lease payments are more readily qualified as tax deductible expenses and depreciation is no longer a tax factor. At Finmining we pride ourselves on the fact that most of our new business is repeat business.  We have a professional staff that handles all of the paperwork and takes the time to get to know and understand each customer.  At Finmining we look to establish a long term relationship with our customers.  Please do not hesitate to contact us and get set-up with a custom lease program to fit your specific needs.