However he crashed several cars and his chances of becoming a driver quickly faded. Read promised not to reveal their identities. The other arrests were made by Sgt Stan Davis and Probationary Constable Gordon 'Charlie' Case.[50]. The rest was long gone. On 3 December 1963, which happened to be the same day that Roy James was taken into custody, the police received an anonymous tip directing them to the money in the phone box. He became arguably the most renowned head of the Flying Squad in its history. The gang that carried out the robbery consisted of 15 criminals predominantly from south London: Gordon Goody, Charlie Wilson, Buster Edwards, Bruce Reynolds, Roy James, John Daly, Roger Cordrey, Jimmy White, Bob Welch, Tommy Wisbey, Jim Hussey, and Ronnie Biggs, as well as Harry Smith and Danny Pembroke, who were never charged due to the lack of evidence against them, and one still unknown, plus the train driver they nicknamed "Pop". He was with his friend, William Boal who was helping him lie low in return for the payment of old debts. When mastermind Bruce Reynolds was arrested in 1968, he allegedly told arresting officer Tommy Butler that those sentences had had a detrimental effect. This documentary was shown in cinemas and on demand in October 2014. There were also ten-shilling notes in batches of £250. This was to deter collector/souvenir hunters. [97] He was 26 years old at the time of the robbery. Once the robbers had entered the carriage, the staff could put up no effective resistance and there was no police officer or security guard on board to assist them. [89][page needed][non-primary source needed][unreliable source?]. 8 August 1963: Britain wakes up to news of the biggest robbery in the country’s history. The £5 notes were of two different types, because in 1957 the British Government had begun to replace the large white notes with smaller blue ones. At the time, the severity of the sentences caused some surprise. [citation needed] He could not be charged because of lack of evidence; there were no fingerprints or identifiable marks anywhere. Piers Paul Read, in The Train Robbers, claimed that the police were feeling the pressure because although they had caught many of the robbers, they had failed to recover much of the money. Goody alleged that he found out McKenna's name only when he saw it written inside his spectacles case. The Great Train Robbery is a 1903 American silent short Western film written, produced, and directed by Edwin S. Porter, a former Edison Studios cameraman. He was traumatised by his track-side assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered from his ordeal. After realising the danger in settling near the Wilsons in Montreal, they went to live in Vancouver, and then went to Nice, France. [11][page needed][unreliable source? Cordrey was the first of the robbers released, but his share of the theft had almost entirely been recovered by the police. When asked by a reporter after the sentencing of Reynolds whether that was the end of it, Butler replied that it was not over until Biggs was caught. He was born on 30 June 1932 to Bill and Mabel Wilson in Battersea. ][non-primary source needed]. Mills and Whitby were then brought into the carriage, handcuffed together and put down beside the staff.[9]. The press interpreted this information as a 30-mile (50 km) radius—a half-hour drive in a fast car. He went back to being a florist at his sister's business upon his release. The Bournemouth police were tipped off by Ethel Clark, who unfortunately for Boal and Cordrey was the widow of a former police officer, when Boal and Cordrey paid rent for a garage in Tweedale Road, off Castle Lane West, three months in advance, all in used ten-shilling notes. Thomas Kett, assistant inspector in charge of the train from Carlisle to Euston was also in the carriage. "Killing Charlie" by Wensley Clarkson, with Part 2: Inside and Outside providing details of Wilson's escape from prison. The locomotive's second crew member, known as the secondman or "fireman", was 26-year-old David Whitby, also from Crewe. [28][29] He is survived by his son Nick. Site accessed on 21 January 2018. The series is distributed worldwide by Kew Media. The deal done with Pembroke caused outrage in the police hierarchy. He was rejected by the Royal Navy because of poor eyesight, and then tried to become a foreign correspondent, but his highest achievement in that vein was to become a clerk at the Daily Mail. On 10 April 1966 a new friend recognised him from photos in a newspaper and informed police. By August 1963, three HVP carriages were equipped with alarms, bars over the windows and bolts and catches on the doors, but at the time of the robbery, these carriages were out of service, so a reserve carriage (M30204M) without those features had to be used. £55,000 had been paid as a package deal to get him out of the UK. 50 years ago this year, in 1963, Britain saw what is possibly still its most audacious crime; a gang of robbers stopped a London bound Royal Mail train and netted a record haul of 2.6 million pounds (estimated, as the film tells us, at 41 million in today's money) The team behind it became the countries most wanted criminals on the run, they were front page news - folkloric outlaws … [11][page needed][unreliable source? A Mercedes driven by Amber Bessone, the pregnant 28-year-old daughter of well-known hairdresser Raymond Bessone (Mr Teasy Weasy) crossed a damaged section of the guard rail and slammed into Field's oncoming Porsche. Who could be behind it? On 2 July 2009, Biggs was denied parole by Justice Secretary Jack Straw, who considered Biggs to be still "wholly unrepentant",[63][64][page needed] but was released from custody on 6 August, two days before his 80th birthday, on 'compassionate grounds'. Pembroke had five children, and his son Danny Jr., admitted to his involvement in a Channel Four documentary in August 2019. It has been suggested[20] that a known associate of the convicted robbers, Sammy Osterman, was part of the gang, and his "Ulsterman" soubriquet was simply the result of mishearing his surname. [11][page needed][unreliable source? Roy James Actor(s): Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb. In the epilogue, Reynolds describes what happened to some of the robbers. Gerald MacArthur died aged 70 on 21 July 1996. The second carriage, behind the engine, was known as the HVP (high-value packages) coach, which carried large quantities of money and registered mail for sorting. 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