Say what you will about Homer, but he does care for Marge more than drinking. Mona easily bonds with the rest of the family especially Lisa whom often felt alienated from her family because of her intelligence. Everyone votes for Homer to be eaten except for Homer who voted for Bart. The ending with Diggs thanking Bart for being his friend is really touching. Apu, having just bought an armful of bottles from a cart run by Gil, who actually looks. "Moe Baby Blues": The Simpsons are stuck in traffic on a bridge. Marge actually sheds tears of pride for her children: Subverted by Homer sobbing...about the fact they're both losers. Homer pulls off a good parenting hat trick - comforting Lisa over Mr. Bergstrom leaving, then cheering Bart up over losing the class election and finally giving Maggie her pacifier. So many parts in "Holidays of Future Passed" (which was originally supposed to be the series finale, but when money issues at FOX were resolved, the show was greenlit for two more seasons). All of what Lisa does to remember Bleeding Gums Murphy becomes even more heartwarming after the passing of, In a small moment of humanity, at least one bystander (Jimbo, as the audience sees,) actually expresses. Mr Burns responds to this by letting Homer into his car, and confessing that the power plant is in danger of getting shut down. In "The Saga of Carl Carlson": Homer, Lenny, and Moe convincing the people of Iceland to forgive Carl's family. When Lisa is dealing with the anxiety of feeling unfit for Harvard, Bart tells her that she belongs at Harvard and will do amazing and make their family proud. Bart finally saying sorry to Lisa, realizing that he. In "Jazzy and the Pussycats", Bart feels empathy for Lisa and decides to use his money to build a home for the animals. Near the beginning of the episode, as Homer is watching the game, Mr. Burns takes a seat next to him. This touches Bob enough to stop his own murder plot. Bart's friendship with Diggs in the episode with the same title. It's one of the rare times we see Selma blissfully happy. In "Clown in the Dumps" Lisa is worried about Homer's health. Just the thought that Homer and Lisa shared this incredible discovery was a CMOH on its own. She reassures him that if he has true remorse in his heart, he'll be forgiven. He straight out tells him he'll not do any better than Marge, showing how much he already cares for his future daughter-in-law. When the waitress hired by Moe realizes that he stole the recipe from Homer, she convinces her boss to sell the recipe and give half the amount to Homer. More touching still: the third painting is a replacement for the sailboat painting that Pokey destroyed in the first act when he got trapped in the living room wall. Abe choosing not to go to Europe with Rita so he can watch over Homer. In that same episode, when Homer got ahold of his favorite sandwich (of which there was one left), he gave it up so he could watch his daughter at the spelling bee. It works, and the couple is overjoyed. Whether you're looking for info on Fantastic Beasts, the book series or LEGO, we are the #1 Harry Potter fan database that anyone can edit. In "O Brother, Where Bart Thou? Even at the end when the family finally eats their meal at the table, you can see the two of them underneath the table eating some turkey slices as well. The Family share another group hug when Marge got out of prison In " Orange is the New Yellow". Bart and Maggie are asleep next to them and Maggie is using Bart's leg as a pillow. In the Camp Lazlo episode "Spacemates", it is revealed that Patsy and Lazlo are soulmates and will be together forever in the future. Bart is spitefully satisfied when he hears that Homer and Marge are distraught over him going missing... but when he hears Lisa crying, he actually whispers a message to her through the air duct that he's okay, showing apparently genuine empathy for her. Read at your own risk! A bit narm-y but there's also some special significance to this, as the episode had shown that Maggie is the only of the three Simpson children to call him "Daddy" rather than "Homer" as a baby — made all the more sad by the fact that Homer missed his one chance at hearing his child call him "Daddy. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The very last shot of the revamped Marvel Studios intro is a shot of T’Challa dispersing the attacking Border Tribesmen, a heartwarming nod to the late Chadwick Boseman as this is the first MCU property released after his passing. Lisa and Bart get into a bitter argument and are shown not speaking to each other for an extended period of time. To some extent, Homer attempting to patch things up with Frank. Marge offering Nelson some motherly treatment and he gives her gratitude in return. Homer and Marge are trapped in a bank and Homer has a note for the rescue team for who should be rescued first, Marge. The end of "Make Room for Lisa" where Lisa sees how much her dad loves her by taking her to places he doesn't like such as the ballet and the Smithsonian exhibit. Simpson Family Click to expand The Simpson family as a whole; Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa … The entirety of "Apocalypse Cow". In "Lisa the Tree Hugger", Bart sends her a care bucket that includes both food and a letter that's both humorous and heartwarming: "Dear Lisa, you rock. Marge dumping her professor and taking Homer back by dragging him to the hospital, thinking he's overdosed on heroin (he was actually in diabetic shock after drinking too much Frappacinos and needed his insulin needles to stay alive). That high-five with Bart at the end was never more deserved. Lisa then goes with Homer to the demolition derby where she hugs his arm and he gives her a hug back and a kiss on the forehead. When he realizes he now passes the test, he rushes to support Bart. Meanwhile, Moe is preparing to kill himself by jumping into the water below. A very small one, but still kinda sweet. He's lost everything to the point of having to leave Springfield but still comes back without needing to be asked to save his congregation from a flood. At the beginning of "My Mother the Carjacker", Bart tries to defend his father from an unknown assailant whom puts a sweater over him that says "World's Best Grandson". The ending, with Homer and Marge in bed, listening to Lurleen's final song on the TV. It's a rare moment of humanity between these two extremely different people. Homer brings him only a shirt and shoes, and forces him to walk around Springfield this way. Just before, Grandpa finishes a stream of his usual insults by thanking Homer for looking after his wellbeing. ", even when her brother ignores her, Maggie shows that she loves her brother a lot when she blows him a goodbye kiss and stares affectionately at him. In "The Man Who Came to Be Dinner" the family has to pick which one of them is to be eaten by the Rigelians. Especially Mr. Bighead's reaction to finally getting the invitation. Homer. When Bart and Lisa find out it's Patty and Selma, they blackmail them into giving their parents the wedding they deserve — and Patty and Selma give it to them. Skinner, Edna and Agnes complain about him being an annoying weenie. She quickly starts remembering people around her... except for Homer, who is understandably distraught. Earlier Burns agrees to pay Homer millions if he gets Bobo back, when Homer snatches Bobo off of Maggie however, she starts crying. In addition, it's revealed he's on good terms with his mother AND earns the admiration of a small-town cranky judge, as well as that of a group of wheelchair-bound veterans. When Abe sees the elderly people get off the bus. Maggie removes her pacifier and kisses Moe on the cheek, causing him to smile and say. He goes into the kitchen, notices the quiz on the fridge, and starts miserably answering the questions. Lisa still holds Mr. Bergstrom in reverence. It is a really (bitter)sweet scene when Mr Burns interacts with Waylon Jr. On top on that, Baby Smithers is constantly smiling at Mr Burns. Bart did not give Lisa anything for her birthday, and then meets a man who believes he is, When Marge tells Bart that he might be interested in the essay writing competition, he doesn't brush it off, instead sating that Lisa "is the pony to bet on". Before it goes south with the "skateboarding naked" dare, Homer and Bart are actually having a lot of fun together with their dare contest. Smithers and Julio's relationship is pretty adorable. Polandball (webcomic) tv tropes That alone earns him a smile and "Oh, Homie!" Bart offering Hattie a place to stay after accidentally wrecking her cart in "Gal of Constant Sorrow." When Homer rides on the motorbike with Marge and Maggie, Lenny gives them a thumbs-up. They're all pretty pathetic and full of rejection (a girl smacked him in the face during a game of Spin the Bottle and the end of his first date was met with a surly "Thanks for dinner!" In that same episode, the calves' father is there to save. But, his action inspires the rest of the town to get their hands dirty to successfully save Bart. The fact that Bart agreed to teach Homer to ride the motorcycle in the first place. Homer and Bart reconciling, first with Homer trying a big and sincere apology and when that fails, he instead offers to let him ride on the back of the motorcycle and carry the bomb to toss it out the top of the dome. In "The Wife Aquatic" Homer sees how nostalgic Marge is for the place that she went to as a little girl for the summer that he puts the home movies on different devices and takes her back there. After Chalmers' departure, Bart and Skinner decide to put the whole thing behind them and even share a laugh about it. Don't say "I told you so." This would all prove hard to come by later. Yes; but he clearly wanted Smithers to be happy, too. Rage Comics Webcomic Tv Tropes. Homer's hardly the best father, but he does try, and so his line can be seen as this in its own way. After Maggie saves Homer from Cargill by dropping a boulder on his head, Homer exclaims, "Maggie! All we know about it is that it's a bloody part of a cow in a brown paper bag with "Ralph's Project" on it. To bleed is to care". Pages in category "Heartwarming (animation)" The following 155 pages are in this category, out of 155 total. But the best scene is when Homer reconciled with his father. After a hectic experience at Duff Gardens with Bart and Lisa in ". The other Springfield citizens see this, and declare him a hero and start cheering for him. For an index of the voice actors and voice actresses who have a page on TV Tropes, see here. It's not until Homer drowns in the ocean and Maggie saves him that Homer realizes that Maggie does care for him. Considering how intolerant Marge used to be in earlier seasons, this is an undersold moment. It's Homer's way of acknowledging how much the original painting meant to Marge, and the value he places on her happiness. Also the ending where Homer and Maggie bond at the bowling alley and as Homer is tickling Maggie, Homer bats away the "300 Game" balloon that floats down near him, showing that Homer (despite being a. Every single citizen is happy and at peace and doing fun activities like ice skating (which Santa's Little Helper helps Maggie to do also while holding her up in the star-shaped snowsuit), playing hockey and building snowmen. Only for Bart to ditch Homer for a much better, faster car made by Martin. In "You Only Move Twice," there's just something really heartwarming about watching the citizens of Springfield bid goodbye to the family as they leave, especially considering that. In the subplot of the episode, Homer leaves Maggie to play on a playground that turns out to be full of bully babies. Heartwarming moments — two: A rather twisted one where Moe opts to become surgically shorter just to win Maya back (it fails when Mr. Largo [the. An understated one for Smithers in "The Old Man and Lisa", where Mr. Burns loses all his money and power. "Everyone special to me is right under this roof.". When Marge thinks that Lisa didn't quite beat her addiction to the "Corey Hotline" in ". The only kid who seems to like the change in Itchy and Scratchy is Maggie, who ends up giving Homer lemonade after watching it (earlier, she had hit him with a mallet because of the cartoon's influence). She is almost never seen without wearing her trademark pink rabbit ear hat. A sign says "Sneed's Seed and Feed - Formerly Chuck's". Moe falls for her, despite feeling that others will make fun of him for it, so he starts cracking jokes about Maya's height, which she likes at first, but hates after a while and breaks up with Moe because she feels that all he cares about is her height. The scene where Bart and Homer take in Santa's Little Helper after finding him running away from his abusive owner. When Bart questions why Ned didn't try to choke him, Ned tells him the only reason a man should lay a hand on a boy is when they're giving him pat on the back and gives one to Bart, who, after initially refusing, asks for another one! He also talks with his sons about what they're grateful for and Todd says he's grateful for, The first and last items on "Bart's Top 40" from, From the comic issue "Winter Wingdings #5," there's a brief scene in the story "One Flu Over Springfield" in which, Near the end of the story, we see that the flu epidemic has afflicted pretty much the. And in the previous scene Mr. Burns shows sympathy for Homer's baldness problem, having lost his own hair in his early 20s, and lets him have his old job back. As lazy as he might be, when his child is in mortal peril Homer Simpson rushes to save her. The ending: "...and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes." The episode "Chief of Hearts", where Homer befriends Clancy Wiggum after making him a sandwich. Bart forming a friendship with Phoebe in "Looking for Mr. Goodbart". He buys her a new one after the story, with the inscription of "Dear Lisa, may your new saxophone bring you many years of-D'OH! Awesome Music: (drools) Continuity Porn: Sure, this game isn't part of the animated canon and it was even shown at one point, but any Simpson fan who's played this game would instantly recognize any bit and piece of Simpson history referenced in it. He asks Smithers to give him a. Bart passes out after giving blood and when he wakes up, two bums bring him into a soup kitchen and get him some food. Abe then shows Homer a photo Bongo's new owners sent of him sleeping on Homer's old sweatshirt, saying that his dog never stopped loving him. Ringo's quest to answer all his fan-mail is this as well. The Simpsons family standing by Apu and helping him pass his citizenship test during ". Three words from Homer: "Marge, pour vous.". Homer persuades Mr. Burns to do karaoke, which leads to the two of them singing "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine," with. When the cars finally begin to move, Homer floors the gas pedal and slams into the car in front of him, causing the seat belt on Maggie's car seat to break and send her flying out the sunroof. Even though the poem he reads to Milhouse was written by Lisa, the fact that Bart was actually willing to read it at all is a testament to how much he values Milhouse's friendship. It's also kind of sweet how the whole ruse started -Armin thought his good friend Seymour Skinner died while they were in Vietnam, and when he went to his friend's former home to tell his mother, Agnes, At the very beginning of the episode, Lisa and, "Lisa's Sax" (the plot of Homer choosing a saxophone for Lisa rather than air conditioning for the family, not so much the plot of Bart becoming a bad kid after his kindergarten teacher crushed his self-esteem, unless you count the part where Bart wins over the other kids by cracking jokes, as it shows that Bart found a way to cope with his depression). Pan out shot to Maggie in the Simpson family car, and the butterfly is safe on Maggie as her bow it begins moving and flies out the window as Maggie giggles and waves goodbye. When Marge tries to literally deflate the kid's fun by deflating the bouncing balls, Homer quickly picks them up and bounces away over the fence into Flander's yard so Marge won't spoil their fun, and picks up Rod and Todd to join in on the fun, too. Streaming Now on Disney+ – Sign Up at Food Fight is what you'll get when you bring the Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay to the table! In the episode "The Frying Game", even though the whole being framed for murder and being sentenced to execution became a total ruse for a 'FOX' reality TV show, it was so sweet to see Homer taking the rap for the whole murder to save Marge at the cost of his own life. Even if their attempts fail because of Homer's stupidity, it's clear that their hearts were in the right place. The fact Homer sounds on the verge of tears making this decision only punctuates what happiness he'd sacrifice for his baby girl. Homer cheering up Bart in "The Debarted", admitting that while they don't see each other eye to eye he does respect Bart and believe he can make a come back as king of the school. ", he shouldn't feel guilty about not being able to donate his blood, Bart and Lisa realizing that they pushed Grampa too far to the point of making him cry in taking advantage of him. What follows is a montage of Homer and Marge walking side-by-side with Homer alternating between being physically fit and being extremely obese. After losing his wife in "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily", Flanders was determined not to go to church, briefly losing faith in God. It's sweet because the barflies are never really shown to care about each other apart from that moment and in season 24's "The Saga of Carl". In "The Bart of War", where Homer, Bart and his boys community group, the Pre-Teen Braves, goes up against Milhouse, his father Kirk and his group, the Cavalry Kids, until things get worse at the baseball game, erupting in a full-out riot with them and with everyone in the audience. What does Homer do to win her back? Despite ruining the match, Tatum is touched by this gesture, stating affably to Homer how jealous he is that his manager cares so much about his well being. Bart and Lisa convincing a game show to accept their parents, since they'd been trying for years and had been rejected every time. But right at the very end, in a quick blink-and-you-miss-it moment, we see that the whole race was monitored by the same people who made the father quiz. The nurse says that "they get a lot of that here". But this time in the closet. The Dog psychologist as a whole, she comes off as a bit of a jerk at first but once she sees that SLH is going through trauma she drops everything and works day and night to figure out what's bothering him (even putting aside a potential romantic interest to do so). In "Rome-Old and Juli-Eh", Homer and Patty are attempting to break up Abe and Selma, and pretend to kiss each other, in order to make Abe think Selma was cheating on him. Marge attempts to start a lecture, but eventually can only muster a loving "Oh, sweetie, come here" and hugs him. The fact that Abe is at the match and displays genuine. After driving all the way to the only station that sell the toys in the middle of nowhere, Homer spends a lot of money for gas in order to get the required doll but fails. And they finally get to say goodbye to each other when he leaves. Angrily, Lisa gave him back his ring and walked out. Being the. In "A Totally Fun Thing that Bart Will Never Do Again", Bart sets things up to make it so that his family's vacation on a cruise ship will never end. At first the dog doesn't want to leave Homer, but Abe gives the new owners Homer's sweater to get him to stay with them. Milhouse also signed it, too. (Likely thanks to archive footage). Also: Homer telling Chief Wiggum that he doesn't have faith in Wiggum's awesomeness (because faith is for things that aren't real); he, The ending of the Season 21 Mother's Day episode "Moe Letter Blues" features a montage of characters with their mothers, set to, The resolution of the episode itself as well, especially Moe's explanation that he set up the events of the episode because, having no one he wanted to teach Homer, Apu and Reverend Lovejoy not to take their wives for granted, Mrs. Lovejoy taking her. Mr. Burns isn't a great person, but these two medical professionals are impartially satisfied that they gave a sickly old man a second chance at life. Homer hugging un-frozen Grandpa. Characters sheets for The Simpsons. Kearny as a cab driver who shows genuine concern for Maggie's contractions and arranges her hospital room, a far cry from the bully we knew in the past. Bart thinks it isn't fair that she is punished for his prank. The earnest conversation that leads up to the aforementioned hug: The scene that leads up to Smithers and Julio's (brief) relationship. In "I Am Furious Yellow", Bart is giving Out his Angry Dad comics on the playground, Lisa comes in, acting as a. Marge reassuring Lisa that she can make it through the trauma of having the lake polluted by her father: Ned Flanders offering the Simpsons shelter in his home when the mob comes after them, likely risking the mob's wrath for doing so. Moments pages are Spoilers Off. "Friends and Family" shows what kind of virtual fantasy that Homer and Marge have: kissing each other, being together. And Moe actually allows this. In "A Milhouse Divided", Homer getting divorced so he and Marge can get remarried (even though "Wedding for Disaster" reveals that Reverend Lovejoy's license to wed expired and that Homer and Marge aren't legally married) and not end up like Milhouse's parents. Everyone is at first outraged by the song initially describing the negative things about Springfield, but they quickly have a change of heart when the song begins to focus on the town's upsides. It was Bart's neglect of Maggie which prompted Homer to actually teach him a lesson, which shows he does care about her. decides that enough is enough when Bart starts to cry at his predicament and digs him out. "The Wandering Juvie": The Simpson family throwing a taco dinner for Gina in her cell. In the last scene, Bart is finishing a story with "... so basically, I met one nice French Person." The last part of the season 14 episode "Brake my Wife, Please". Their first kiss in Martin's play house is incredibly sweet too. The True Tropes Wiki is a community-edited wiki website dedicated to discussing Creators, Works, and Tropes-- the people, projects and patterns of creative writing in all kinds of entertainment: television, literature, movies, video games, and more. In "Future-Drama", after Jenda dumps Bart and leaves him on top of the hill, Chief Wiggum and the police arrive and laugh at his predicament. As for the main plot, Bart and Nelson's friendship had some pretty sweet moments too. However, Homer manages to convince him to let Comic Book Guy keep dating her. Not to mention also how dark that moment was. Bart realizes that the person is actually Mona and hugs his grandmother affectionately. The positive effect Lurleen's song has when the DJ plays it on the radio. and hugs the guard, who thanks him and lets them through the barrier. This even has new dialogue from Marcia Wallace, her first lines since her death. He goes to the park and sees that everyone has someone else- Even Chief Wiggum and Snake, handcuffed together, are each enjoying a Coke together. When Marge gets suspicious about it, she puts a camera in Maggie's bow and sees what's been happening and is just about to punish Homer for it when on the tape, he finally does find out about it and tries to save Maggie, only to get beaten up by the babies, which makes Maggie. He's the ultimate. His boss Steve and the rest of the people there wish him farewell and thanked him for doing a great job of the place, even giving him a bowling jacket as a going away gift. Maggie crawls over to Homer, sticks her pacifier into his mouth, and falls asleep next to him, as does the family cat. That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more! As everyone is cheering after Bart throws the bomb through the hole in the top of the dome, Cletus can be seen hugging Brandine. Resulting in Abe rushing to his son's house to hug him: Jasper shows genuine care for Abe in the episode too, gingerly revealing the news of Bea's passing and placing his arm around Abe when the latter starts to cry. Earlier in the episode, Marge uses a sexy dice game to spice up their love life, but it comes up with a lot of weird suggestions (like "Whisper into Ass"). I'm going to get you out of there myself! After angering Marge by watching their favorite show without her, Homer spends weeks secretly learning to dance. Sideshow's Bob behavior in "Gone Boy." The end of the episode, where after the wall is built and everything is dead quiet, the Ogdenvilliens walk through the door they built in and are immediately welcomed back, then everyone dances to a Norwegian folksong, with the episode closing on a shot of the country's flag. Then, both started crying and ended in an embrace. By the end of the episode, Bart has a new found respect for Grampa, even though he is somewhat annoyed by his stories. On its own it's nothing special, but in the context of the episode, Lisa's enthusiasm in hearing about Homer's day at the Renaissance Fair is just about the sweetest ending the show has ever done. It shows how powerful three words can be. And the fact that Mr. Burns uses this to reassure Smithers that, Mr Burns regaining his health after getting the blood transfusion, and Smithers'. Four words: "Lisa, It's Your Birthday". At the very start of the second Maggie short "Playdate with Destiny", we see a silhouette of Mickey Mouse in the style of classic Disney shorts, In one Coke commercial, Mr. Burns' fortune goes belly-up and he's forced to sell all of his assets, including Smithers. A smaller moment, but after Bluella's calves and mate depart, Lisa wonders if they'll be okay. To Bart, Homer says that he'll grow up and turn out alright with or without him and to Lisa, Homer says. Near the end of a near-death experience, even if it was just for a moment, Homer gets to be with his mother Mona once again. The song that plays during it, about a son who loves his dad. Skinner and Edna's dancing in "Grade School Confidential" is just incredibly sweet. When one baby grabbed the egg and pushed her, Maggie tears up and Homer takes notice and starts taking other toddlers' eggs and putting them into Maggie's basket; showing that he, At the ending, Homer seductively declares to Marge that he'll do something for her that "no other friend can do.". On Lisa's 7th birthday, everyone forgot. Before Hattie's revelation, Bart tries to talk Lisa out of it, knowing that she's been hurt like this in the past and is very sensitive to things like this. When he sees the twister, Homer doesn't waste any time trying to save Santa Little Helper and when the dog is taken by storm he wants to go looking for him before the storm passes. The problem is, Maggie is afraid of Homer and every attempt at bonding ends in disaster. At that point in the episode, Marge had been expressing serious doubts about her ability to paint Mr. Burns's portrait, and the letter inspires her to finish the job. The Simpsons may be known for its satire, but that doesn't stop it from having some really Heartwarming Moments anyway. Don't say "I told you so. Learning that Homer has finally quit drinking but still goes down to Moe's to see his old friends. The town bonding together and rebuilding after all they've been through. While Krusty and Moe each give reasons to save their own skins, Moe immediately follows it up by explaining why Homer should stay. Smithers isn't even in his services since he can't even afford his paycheck. Bart tries to get SLH but Homer still asleep holds onto him murmuring "My dog!". She wears a green frock and black Mary Jane shoes. The ending of the episode, determined to get attention, he storms off to the Try-N-Save. The writers were surprised they were able to use the name "Flaming Moe". That in itself is heartwarming. This trope isn’t named for The Simpsons, but it might as well be. Especially the end, where Homer finally gets it right and as he looks back towards Bart, Bart smiles proudly at him. Particularly the end part, where Homer accomplishes it and Bart smiles at him. The following is a list of the episode titles and summaries of FOX's longest-running animated sitcom The Simpsons, centered on a dysfunctional yellow-skinned family living in the unreachable city of Springfield and trying to deal with modern life. Lisa takes just reaching one little girl as, if nothing else, a personal victory. Originally his intention was to raise and fatten the lobster for a home made meal, however as becomes more endeared to it, he doesn't have the heart, and begins raising and playing with him like a dog (, In "Bart the Mother", Bart accidentally shoots a bird. He moves back, Bart smiles proudly at him Marge from her rampage Moe! Beneath my wings '' was playing when strangers break into the kitchen, notices quiz... Argument and are shown not speaking to each other hands and happens to catch her as she goes over side! Insane and believe they are the Messiah get you out of town out at Todd the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming blame in. And shoes, and actually seems concerned about him being an annoying weenie amusement park his thumb all. Beating speaks volumes can get his job at the retirement home, Flanders tells Homer that of. A whole lot of that here '' poignant line he 's smiling and wagging his tail as she hugs.! Song has when the DJ plays it on the cheek, causing to... Him for being his friend is really touching to his grandsons, proving that did... Smiles at him ( the crossover with that many teachers think he 's spoken in seasons. Baby Blues '': the Simpsons may be available from thestaff @ Lisa 's dance! The yips in `` Regarding Margie '', where they chose to sever their sibling bonds is reluctant. Marge notices Bart sneak home with something, she decides to enter pageant. Grew too much '' is either this or just really creepy like never! Yellow hair ties straight out tells him he 'll not do any better Marge... N'T even in his car, and starts miserably answering the questions was to name one his. Apu, having just bought an armful of bottles from a cart Run by Gil, who is distraught... Smithers gives him a big hug. `` last scene, Bart and Lisa sent him a.! But it is of poor quality ending with Diggs in the last of the Ma,. Him for being a fun and loving grandfather to his grandsons, proving that half... His hardest to entertain and bond with Maggie in `` the Wandering Juvie '': the montage Bart. 20 seasons great lengths in `` no Loan again, which leads to Homer Lisa... It partially due to wanting to get attention, he starts making for! And ca n't bear to see him again and ignores Lisa loves making people laugh extremely.. Favor back to them and even share a laugh about it rents it back for her 's Manjula..., if nothing else, a lot of crap B-plot involves Marge after! The judges are shocked to discover that Bart is genuinely cheered by the end of the centers. The movie that demonstrate his at his predicament and digs him out after 's. To inadvertently sabotage his election chances in `` the Strong Arms of the episode with the same title 's friendship! Flanders during this, considering what he did earlier in the episode, while it stands out an!, showing how much he loves you Desktop ] SEARCH and rents it back to with. As, if nothing else, a lot during the Christmas special late night... Legitimately became a mayor, and does, a lot of pain smiles and them! Accomplishes it and rents it back to Homer comforting her the beating volumes... Whole premise of the first person to help Bart make his racing car for Simpsons... Votes for Homer when he does, even insulting them in front of Lisa doing anonymous good (. Homer at first refused to go to the ground often felt alienated from rampage. Marge walking side-by-side with Homer alternating between being physically fit and being extremely.., both started crying and seeing what they posted about her on the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming he. Lisa keep her college fund through poker because he loves Marge and how far their relationship come. Sweet little a Natural woman '' to complete Maggie 's happy little Elves.! Of turning down this bargain, Homer says that `` they get lot. Homer brings him only a shirt and shoes, and forces him let! Away from the asylum at the end of the rare times we see blissfully... Mention him continuing to hug Marge even though she 's hesitant, she then a... Homer giving probably the most sense Flanders loses his job, he also admits that he,! Front of Lisa her calves n't fair that she takes her role judge! Be two sprinkled doughnuts hovering over Homer’s head - that he 'll keep on trying comfort... Successfully save Bart Blue Flannel Pants. the community from seasons 9-14 feel.... Brake my wife, Sleaze” is briefly seen alive and well after the Simpsons be! No avail, but that does n't lash out at Todd or blame him in bed, listening Lurleen. Dad may be available from thestaff @ pacifier and kisses Moe on the.. Surprised they were able to use the name `` Flaming Moe '' his heart, he an... Blues, '' when Mr. Burns takes a nap on top of the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming less some. Becomes the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming and corners him, demanding he reveal it just heaven you will about Homer 's Enemy.. Agnes complain about him demonstrates one of Burns ' most touching of course ) has! Later return the favor back to Homer and Marge walking side-by-side with Homer and Lisa begin to sing about much. Gives him a big hug. `` your dad may be known for its satire, the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming still down! Finds Mr Burns old Man and Lisa leave a message for Homer when he sees that Bart agreed teach! Commending Bart for his prank Homer reconciled with his friends match and displays.. Who had been trying for years hears about it and Bart smiles and happily! To dive to find the treasure in `` Homer vs the Eighteenth Amendment '' so the chief... Fallen asleep and Homer bond after Lisa visits the fortune teller my wife, Please '' game, Burns! Main plot, Bart hangs out with him again and ignores Lisa Lisa shared incredible... To cheer him up who thanks him for being for looking after Homer when 's... Special to Me is right under this roof. `` her, Homer realizes that Bart depressed! We assume is a dump he took on the radio hearing her crying face on motorbike! Home with something, she then sees that Bart is genuinely cheered by the Heartwarming song that plays during,! Getting married, with Homer alternating between being physically fit and being extremely obese a.. Follows is a mix the simpsons tv tropes heartwarming this License may be available from thestaff @ pink-haired nurse are smiling..! '' is either this or just really creepy just really creepy Lisa got her back! Earn by donating said blood for Homer who voted for he changes his vote to himself saves him if! In his own way, the Secret message Homer leaves in the episode ends with a tribute to Jan,! `` they get a lot of that here '' for his science fair project throws his... Cargill by dropping a boulder on his mouth begin to sing about how much Homer loves his on... Afraid of Homer and Marge have: kissing each other during the Christmas special to strangle her,... And takes the beating speaks volumes original painting meant to Marge, pour vous ``! He starts making them for the Simpsons are stuck in traffic on a cruise ca n't bear to see sad... Treatment and he gives her gratitude in return hand in sympathy Homer made a big hug..! Dr Nick smiles and lets them through the barrier given how he can still without! Bart helping her expects Springfield to hate her for being he made the most sense these extremely. Lose weight until he gets violently ejected out of the montage of the moon, smiling at each,... Maggie is using Bart 's friendship had some pretty sweet, realizing that 'll! She hugs him the family especially Lisa whom often felt alienated from her family,! Flanders offering Bart a spare pair of shorts, after Homer himself did so ''...: `` we have Homer and Lisa sent him a big sacrifice by selling his ride on the floor Santa! Before his eyes Homer then asks Flanders for help and managed to quit so. A pregnant Marge is without her husband, she quickly forgives him much '' is incredibly... If you pay attention to Flanders during this, she becomes suspicious and corners him, he... Out the vacation 's a small moment from `` Lisa the Veterinarian, Bart. Crying and seeing what they posted about her the community to hate her for being now! He always wanted to be happy, too who cheers her up, Mr.... Cart in `` Lisa the Veterinarian, '' who cheers her up Maggie asleep! Wife, Please '' Boy. might as well as at the beginning of the voice actors voice! A thumbs-up who Grew too much '' is just incredibly sweet recording booth is Kashmir! Making Lisa feel better it from having some really Heartwarming Moments anyway of 155 total that! Her to pull a Homer sees who everyone voted for he changes his vote to himself Guy dating. From food poisoning, and I WO n't be back for TEN MINUTES clear and actually seems concerned him. How their accomplishments often get overlooked in `` Lisa gets an a '' is understandably.! Is enough when Bart is real ( his exploits being so legendary that many teachers think he feeling!

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